Innovative ways of financing and front-end financing

Individual Leasing is suitable for specific phases of the business cycle, e.g. start up, growth or saturation as well as in critical situations with exceptional funding requirements. Based on individual needs a corresponding equity/debt ratio is necessary. We are happy to give you advice regarding the appropriate, individual leasing model.

We are happy to advise you in detail on the benefits of Individual Leasing.

Budget Leasing

As a rule no individual leasing rates exist, but mainly portfolio related total leasing costs in accordance to the specific requirements of product renewal.


  • Reduced effort for the administration of contracts
  • More time for core business and less organisational effort
  • Smoothing out of investment peaks

Venture Leasing

Is a financial leasing tool for start-ups which is above all suitable for the founding and growth phase. Often connected with the acquisition of products by the lessor and a low equity participation rate.


  • The structure is more flexible than with a bank credit
  • Financing without almost any securities possible except leased objects
  • VC money can be put aside for R&D, marketing and staffing (important for start-ups with a lot of investment needs)
  • Quick and flexible access to technical equipment

Equity Leasing

Equity leasing stands for a finance lease contract which is based on equity capital without borrowed capital. This alternative is often used if a company is in a critical situation. The finance lease contract is hedged through the leased assets.


  • Influx of liquidity in a critical situation
  • Opportunity to secure economic assets