Our philosophy: Increasing company value

In cooperation with our clients we develop intelligent financing models as well as customized leasing solutions for the different stages of the business life cycle. We ease the financial strain and enable them to concentrate on their core business as well as increase competitiveness and the company’s value. We put emphasis on the specific needs, requirements and plans of our clients in the different stages of their company’s development. Sustainable business models are our joint aim!

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Our mission statement

Our mission is based on 15 years of development of our company and is constantly evolving through intensive communication with our clients and employees.

  • Our customers appreciate the discreet, intelligent and rapid solutions of our varied financing and leasing possibilities
  • The utmost satisfaction of our customers and employees is our greatest concern
  • We support our customers through sustainable business models and the development of expansion strategies with the aim of saving costs, and increasing competitiveness and company value
  • We aim at continuously improving our processes
  • In the cooperation with customers and employees we strive for fairness, discretion, respect, transparency and trust as our corporate values

Increase company value and competitiveness

Joint optimisation of enterprise processes and the development of expansion strategies require mutual trust, respect and transparency in order to obtain a sustainable increase in competitiveness and company value.