Service Leasing

A service lease is closed together with a service contract containing comprehensive services which complement the lease. They are widely used in the automobile industry (e.g. fuel card, services etc.), in office machine leasing as well as IT leasing (e.g. warranty, consumables, repair etc.) and in case of property leasing (e.g. facility and building management).

We are happy to advise you in detail on the benefits of Service Leasing.

Service Leasing

In case of a service lease the lessee pays in addition to the rental rate a fixed rate for one or several services. Our service leasing models are tailored towards specific needs. We are happy to advise you on our different, based on usage leasing models. Our focus is on automobile, medical technology, IT and machinery leasing.


  • Structuring of your cash flow
  • Outsourcing of services
  • More time for core business and less organisational effort
  • Realisation and utilisation of specific tax and liquidity effects